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The world of photography seems to be divided into two major camps, Canon and Nikon (although this may be changing now in recent years). I'm a Canon person, which means I'm pretty heavily invested in Canon lenses. Nikon people are also pretty much trapped in their camp as well.

As my collection of Canon lenses has grown, I've gone through a number of camera bodies. My first was a Canon 20D. It had it's shortcomings -- only 8 megapixels and not-very-good low light performance. My next camera was a Canon 40D, which was a step up. After that came a Canon 5D Mark II, which was one of my favorite cameras of all time.

Today I'm shooting with a Canon 1D Mark IV, which I primarily use for sports photography, and my new Canon 5Ds, a 50 megapixel wonder. It's only drawback is that it produces raw files that are about 70 megabytes, which chews up memory like crazy! I've also gotten an Olympus OM D E-M5 Mark II, a small lightweight micro four thirds camera with some remarkable performace. I wonder what my camera collection will look like 5 years from now.

Jim Brady