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About me ...

Many years ago, when I was a young boy, I received my first camera — a Brownie Hawkeye. That event initiated a love affair with photography that continues to this day. Until relatively recently, my emphasis in photography was on black and white. I loaded my own film cartridges, processed my own negatives, and printed my images on photographic paper in a photo darkroom.

Environmental concerns over the disposal of photographic chemicals led me to the world of digital photography. The modern digital SLR camera produces images that rival and often surpass those captured on film. The creative opportunities for photo enhancement and image adjustment available in Photoshop along with the freedom to shoot virtually unlimited numbers of images without expense has made it possible for me to broaden my horizons. It is my pleasure to offer to others the opportunity to view my work.

I hope you will spend some time to browse the images on this web site.

Thanks for your time.

Jim Brady